We personally own interests in over 100,000 mineral acres, which we learned to protect and maximize for our own families. Our passion is helping families restore and expand their mineral wealth.  We have vastly improved the fortunes of our clients and we will improve yours.

With over 45-years experience serving oil & gas royalty owners, R. King & Co. has worked with small oil and mineral rights owners and large corporations. We value all our clients—large and small. All our clients receive equal respect and attention.

Our Team

Richard King IV

General Manager

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David C. Hooper

Business Development

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Bob Manelis

Senior Engineer

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Steve Cranford

Land & Banking

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Vanessa Cameron

Senior Minerals Manager

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David Nolen

Senior Petroleum Landman

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Client Testimonials

“I can fully recommend RKing Company. Richard has been extremely helpful to our family in helping to get our mother’s oil and gas leasing rights in order. Helping to get suspended revenues released from the state comptroller’s office and educating us on the complexities of owning mineral rights. His staff has been willing to spend the time with us that we needed to better understand the process, and have gone even beyond what we expected from them in managing her oil and mineral rights.”

“Richard King & Co. has provided me with peace of mind and a better sense of perspective with respect to my family’s oil & gas royalty and mineral estate. How? Everyone in that company is experienced and driven to serve. They’re sharp, articulate, friendly, and fun. They were ethical and generous in all their dealings with us. And in an industry that seems confusing and rigged against us, they were knowledgeable, clear and super helpful.”