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Oil and Gas Landman Services

Our first priority is maximizing the value of your family’s oil and gas leasing through expert mineral management service. We begin by listening to your minerals history and assessing your needs and goals. Then, we’ll determine and present to you the costs and rewards of pursuing a defined scope of work to increase your oil & gas royalty.

Establishing your two chains of titles – your mineral ownership and the history of your family’s oil and gas leasing – is essential to effectively manage and develop your oil and mineral rights. We’ll help you obtain missing documents and organize your legal standings into a complete records management system. Now, you’ll have a way to easily and quickly pull authoritative documents to maximize and protect your interests as needed.

Unleased minerals are untapped wealth. To determine the potential of your unleased minerals, we’ll research the production history in your area and all oil and gas leasing and drilling activities nearby. And increase your negotiating strength to ensure you obtain a favorable oil & gas lease in the future.

These are the steps we take to begin generating new oil & gas royalty for your family.

Oil and Gas Property Watchdog Services

Once oil and gas leasing and production are established, we watchdog your oil & gas royalty and override royalty payments to ensure you’re being paid correctly.

We audit division orders and payment stubs for accuracy. We monitor delay rentals and shut-in gas royalty payments. We pursue your royalty income held in suspense and any unclaimed accounts until they are released to you. And we’ll maximize your oil & gas royalty income by detailing all available deductions on your oil & gas lease income and ad valorem taxes.

We audit all mineral leases for contract and regulatory compliance. We provide ongoing enforcement of terms in your mineral leases. And we protect your legal standings and economic interests against any issues with your oil & gas lease operators. And then we make sure your land is restored to its original condition. Integral to our oil and gas property services are the values of good land and minerals stewardship.

We treat every client with equal care and attention. Our mission is to provide you with the expertise and proven methods to accomplish your goals.

Your Oil and Gas
Property Development Company

Minerals Development Services You Can Rely On

Our single focus is to transform your dormant oil and gas property into oil & gas royalty income. Serving small tracts and large mineral portfolios, R. King & Co.’s oil and gas property development services have garnered respect and trust from all sizes of clients. We help oil and gas royalty owners become financially independent for generations to come.

Regardless of the size of your oil and gas property, we’ll assess the potential value of your oil and mineral rights and develop a custom plan that fits your budget.

We’ll prepare a presentation package with maps, ownership records and production history, and aggressively market your minerals for lease to the finest exploration and production companies in your region. Many of whom we may already know, personally. We will then aggressively negotiate a modern lease with the most favorable terms possible to maximize your income and protect your oil and gas property.

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“We transform dormant minerals into income producing assets.” – Richard King IV

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