Oilfield Glossary

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R. King & Co. guide to oilfield acronyms and drilling terms for royalty and minerals owners to help them understand drilling and daily cost reports from their operators.


AFE             authorization for expenditure
AZ               azimuth
BHA            bottomhole assembly – the lower portion of the drillstring
blinds          a circular metal disk installed in a pipeline to prevent flow
BLW            barrels load water
BLWTR        barrels load water to remove
BOP            blowout preventer
Borets         provides electric submersible pumps
BPDR          barrels per day rate
BPM            barrels per minute
BPH            barrels per hour
BTMS          battery thermal management system
CIBP           cast iron bridge plug
CSG            casing
CT               coiled tubing
CTD             coiled tubing drilling
CUDD          fracking contractor
dart             device dropped through string to activate downhole equipment & tools
DSA             drill stem assembly
EQ               equalizing valve
ESP             electric submersible pump
FCP             final circulating pressure
FLAP           fluid level above pump
GPM            gallons per minute
GYRO          gyroscopic surveying instrument – device used to determine direction angle at                      which wellbore is drifting off the vertical

H2S             hydrogen sulfide
HWDP         heavyweight drillpipe
ID                inside diameter
JFS             jacking frames
JTS             joints
KOP            kickoff point
LCM            lost circulation material
LD               lay down (pipe)
MD              measured depth
MIRU           move-in rig up
MISURU      move-in, set-up, rig-up
MWD           measurements-while-drilling
NOGO         device of a known and precise dimension that is lowered into a well to                                 determine the dimensions of another device or opening already in the well
NU              nipple up
OD              outside diameter
PBR            polished bore receptacle
pill              small volume of a special blend of drilling fluid used for a specific purpose
PJSM          pre-job safety meeting
POOH         pull out of hole
PP              pulling prong
PPG            parts per gallon
PPM            parts per million
rabbit          internal drift diameter gauge used to check casing or tubing joints
RDMO         rig-down move off
ream           enlarge wellbore
ROH            run in hole
ROP            rate of penetration
RPM            revolutions per minute
RU              rig up
RWTP          review within time period
SDFN           shut down for night
SICP            shut in casing pressure
SIP              shut in pressure
slips            device used to grip the drillstring in a non-damaging manner and suspend in                         rotary table
SLM            slick line measurement
SPM            suspended particulate matter/strokes per minute
SUB            submersible
TAG             throw away gun (perforating gun)
TBG             tubing
TFNB           trip for new bit
TIH              trip in hole
TMD            total measured depth
TOH            trip out of hole
TOTCO        electronic survey tool
TVD             total vertical depth
UBHO          universal bore hole orientation
VIS              viscosity
WO             well in work over
WOB           weight on bit
WOC           waiting on cement
WS              well string